TECHSERVE co., ltd

We are an institution that has been developing through experience in field service founded on basic technology in the semiconductor industry. As our management policy, with a spirit of self independence, we make it our duty to help our customers by means of positive correspondence. When there is some problem between various makers and customers, we can respond and bring to realization the needs of customers, and also help customers in cooperation with various makers. We generically call this "Third Service". Through the spirit of this third service, by making our first priority the satisfaction of our customers and provision of high quality products and service, we contribute to the development of the customer company.

Company Name
April 1988
Share Capital 10 million yen
President Susumu Takagi, President
Company Address Head office : 1-2-1 Ishihara Higashiku Kumamoto city 861-8046
Phone: 81-96-388-0500 / Fax: 81-96-388-0503
Oita office: 2-3-23 Hioka Oita city 870-0914
Phone: 81-97-553-0223 / Fax: 81-97-533-0232
Yokkaichi office: 33-10 Kawaramachi Yokkaichi city 510-0033
Phone: 81-59-331-7150 / Fax: 81-59-331-7153
Description of Business Semiconductor production device sales and that device maintenance and upkeep.
Semiconductor analysis machinery maintenance and upkeep
Production and sales of electrical machine apparatus and their parts.
Everything related to the above.
Major Business Partners Mitsubishidenki Inc. Power Device Factory Kumamoto
Renesas Semiconductor Kyusyu Yamaguchi Inc.
Renesas Technology Inc. Kochi Factory, Saijyo Factory
Sony Semiconductor Inc. Kumamoto Tec, Oita Tec, Kagoshima Tec, Nagasaki Tec
Toshiba Semiconductor Inc. Oita Factory, Himeji Factory,Yokkaichi Factory
Toyota Jidousya Inc.
Toyota Tsusyo Inc.
Asahikasei Micro System Inc. Nobeoka
Yamaha Kagoshima Semiconductor Inc.
LAPIS semiconductor Miyazaki Inc.
Banks Kumamoto Bank Head Office
Higo Bank Suizenji Branch
Fukuoka Bank Kumamoto Branch
Risona Bank Kumamoto Branch
Mizuho Bank Kumamoto Branch
Tokyomitsubishi Bank Kumamoto Branch
1988 March Established "Techserve Inc" at Hotakubohonmachi, Kumamoto City, Japan, with capital of 4 million yen.
May Start of Nihon Pall Agency in Kyusyu.
July Start of Ebara Dry Pump Agency in Kyusyu
1989 Sep. Head office relocated to Kengunhonmachi, Kumamoto City
Nov. Established the Oita Office in Takamatsu, Oita City
1990 Sep. Start of Mitsubishi Scroll Pump Agency in Kyusyu
1992 July Start of Adtec Agency in Kyusyu
Dec. Head Office relocated in Ishihara, Kumamoto City
1993 Nov. The expansion of Head Office
1994 Jan. Capital became 10 million yen
1995 Oct. Started sales of Kitz SCT product agency
1999 Feb. Start of Nihon Emerson agency
March The expansion of parking area
July Started sales of Ebara Chemicals
2000 April Ushio Inc. Service business tie-up
2001 June Start of Techmation Agency
Dec. Poison dynamite public sale business registration
2002 Oct. Registration for public sale of poisonous substances
2003 May Acquired registration for construction license
2004 March Aqua Science Inc. Sales service tie-up
July Pre-tech Inc. Sales business tie-up
2005 May Fast Gate Inc. business tie-up
2006 Dec. ShinMaywa Industries Inc. exclusive dealer agreement
2007 March Watlow Japan Inc. Sales business tie-up
  March Established the Yokkaichi Office
2008 June Start of PerkinElmer Agency
2011 Oct. Oita Office relocated
2012 March Solar construction ID acquisition
  April Start of PerkinElmer maintenance service
  July Started sales of Solar panels
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Privacy Policy
Our corporation, Techserve considers that we properly collect, use, and control customers' privacy policy. And we do below actions for that.

-What is privacy policy?
Privacy policy is received information through the web site such as address, name, phone number, e-mail address, etc.
-About collecting privacy policy
When Techserve collects personal information through the web site, there is agreement that users decide to inform. Also, Techserve rightly collects it by notifying the purpose of use, contact for users, etc.
-About using privacy policy
Techserve specifies the purpose of use and use personal information.
-About controlling privacy policy

Techserve protects personal information from unauthorized access, modification, and leakage, etc.

-Not providing to third parties
Techserve doesn't provide personal information to any third party except for cases permitted under the related laws or regulations and the consent of the individual.