TECHSERVE co., ltd
Pall Corporation

TESCOM Corporation
HOKE Corporation
 Brooks Automation, Inc.

Nihon Pall co.,ltd

Nihon Pall co.,ltd
  • Gas line filter
  • All stainless steel gas filter
  • Flow gas filter
  • Cooling water filter
  • Ultrapure water filter
  • Ion removal filter
  • Chemical filter
  • Automatic reverse-wash filter

Ebara co., ltd
  • Dry vacuum pump
  • Screw type dry pump
  • Magnetic rise type molecular turbo pump
  • Cryogenic turbo pump
  • Exhaust gas abatement equipment for semiconductor
  • Non particle pump for ultrapure water
  • High pressure pure jet pump for wafer washing
  • Chemical for water abatement

Adtec co.,ltd
  • Plasma RF generator
  • Visual matching box
  • Digital RF power tracer
  • Chamber analyzer

Brooks Instrument
ITW Japan co.,ltd
(former Brooks Instrument

Brooks Instrument
  • Mass flow meter(digital)
  • Mass flow meter for liquid
  • Purge meter, rotor meter
  • Ultrasonic doppler flow sensor
  • KARMAN flow sensor
  • Flow controller

Pre-Tech co.,ltd
  • Fine-sonic system
  • Fine sonic, fine jet, fine squall
  • Spin sonic cleaner
  • Back bevel washing apparatus

TESCOM Corporation
TESCOM Corporation

HOKE Corporation
HOKE Corporation
Techmation co.,ltd
(TESCOM Corporation/HOKE Corporation Distributor in Japan)
  • Reduced pressure
  • Back pressure
  • A variety of valve
  • Electron control
  • Automatic pressure controler built-in PID controller

  • Hoke GYROLOK fitting, valve,etc.
*ISO9001 certified
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry certification office

Brooks Japan co.,ltd

Brooks Japan co.,ltd
Granville Phillips Series
  • Convexity Tron gauge
  • Glass tube gauge
  • Nude gauge
  • Micro ion gauge
  • Stabile ion gauge
  • Combination gauge
  • Thermocouple gauge
Brooks manufactured by robot repair

Aqua Science co.,ltd
  • Resist and polymer abatement device
  • Pure water abate resist and polymer without using plasma and chemical
  • Cut down on process
  • Damageless
  • Reduce expenses
  • Clean process

PerkinElmer Co., Ltd.

PerkinElmer Co., Ltd.
  • Ultraviolet, Visible, and Near-infrared Reflectance
  • A tendency and phosphorescence spectroscopic analysis
  • Polarimetric analysis
  • Atomic absorption
  • ICP issue and ICP-MS analysis
  • Gas chromatographic assay
  • Thermometric analysis
  • Organic elemental microanalysis

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company

Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company
  • Various gas supply system and exhaust system heater
  • Pedestal for CVD, etc. can be manufactured.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.
  • For evacuation Low-temperature refrigeration equipment
  • Vacuum coating equipment for optical thin film markets
  • Vacuum coating equipment for ornament film markets
  • Large-sized compound vacuum system
  • A component and option apparatus
  • Blower Vlasta
  • Semiconductor device parts
  • Semiconductor device import parts
  • Parts for vacuum
    -Fitting, tube
    -Solenoid valve
    -Air operated valve
    -Pressure switch
    -Assorted manifold
    -Assorted cylinder
  • Assorted makers bearing
  • Assorted seal parts
    -Oil seal
    -Assorted packing
    -Magnetism fluid seal
  • Ceramic Processing
  • Special resin shaping
  • Assorted heater
  • Oil for rotary vacuum pump
  • Lamp and parts for laser
  • Ion exchange resin
  • Earthquake resisting bend cable
  • Heat resistant for CVD and Epi
  • Teflon manufacture
  • P.C accessory (OA)

We handle these and many other products.
Solar power generation system

We are a manufacturer-certified agency dealing with the proposal and design and sales of a solar power generation system.
Dedicated staff give clear explanations about how the power generation system works and offer solutions to customers and corporations.
The all-electric system is introduced to customers.
Life is made easier by combining the all-electric system and the solar power generation system.
Please contact us for a free estimate.

Handling maker
  • Kyocera Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
  • Choshu Industry
  • Panasonic
  • Sharp
  • Toshiba
  • Solar Frontier

Yes other handling product number

We also offer the following services.
Installation of driver's license identification devices to alcohol and tobacco vending machines
Sales of keyhole-less security locks. (High crime prevention)
Sales of bill validator devices.

Driver's license identification device
Bill validator
Security Lock
Driver's license identification device
  • EXC-2500ZY
    (Cigarette vending machines)
  • EXC-2500ZJ
    (Alcohol vending machine)
Bill validator
  • EXC-6700
  • EXC-5700A
  • EXC-5800
Security Lock NOAKEL
  • EXC-7500D
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